Standard 2

STEM educators collaborate to develop, implement, and improve high quality STEM learning activities.
Concept 1 - STEM educators and leaders have formal, protected time scheduled on a regular and frequent basis to plan, revise, and improve STEM learning experiences and pedagogical best practices.
Concept 2 - Collaborative time for STEM staff and leadership is structured using a research-based model for effective educator collaboration.

After reading the books, Turkey Trouble and How to Catch a Turkey, the second graders designed turkeys that could be easily disguised so they would not be eaten for Thanksgiving dinner. The students also made a meal plan of foods that they could eat instead of turkey and they configured those costs. Lastly, the students designed turkey traps that would easily trap a turkey so they could invite him over for dinner! 

The third grade students from all classes came together to solve a "break out" challenge their teachers created. The challenge meant the students had to "break out" of the Ice Castle before Jack Frost froze them inside! The students had to work together to read, analyze, and solve the clues. The students worked in small groups to read about various holidays around the world and had to communicate with each other in order to "crack the code" and move on to the next clue. Students were given 45 minutes to use their critical thinking and teamwork skills. 
Break Out STEM