Standard 1

School/program provides equitable opportunities for students to engage in high quality STEM learning.
Concept 1 - School/program has adopted an inclusive model of STEM education that is representative of community served by the institution.
Concept 2 - School/program engages in proactive strategies to recruit and support engagement from students traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields of work and learning.


The students were working on making good choices and school rules. They read, The Recess Queen and discussed safety rules on the playground. Then, the students worked together to create a recess slide using slit pool noodles and blocks. Last, the students used various objects to test their slides. 

The third grade students came together to learn about the Scientific Method. The students first learned the process needed to conduct a scientific experiment. Then, they practiced by completing the Mentos and Coke experiment.
Experiment STEM

The fourth grade students were required to build a glowing insect using the WEDO 2.0 LEGO Program. After construction was complete, the students were able to name their insect. 

The second grade students created a new type of animal using the website After the students created and printed their new type of animal, then they recreated the animals using LEGOs.