ST 1.2

ST1.2 Students work independently and collaboratively in an inquiry-based learning environment that encourages finding creative solutions to authentic and complex problems.


The students were working on making good choices and school rules. They read, The Recess Queen and discussed safety rules on the playground. Then, the students worked together to create a recess slide using slit pool noodles and blocks. Last, the students used various objects to test their slides. 


The first graders were posed with the challenge to articulate the effects of the sun on the Earth's surface. The students created a structure to protect a small object from the rays of the sun. The students collected recyclables from home to build their structure. The structures were tested using a flashlight, as the sun, as it rose from east to west. 

The first graders worked in group to create a nest that would save their "turkey" (an egg) when dropped from a high height. The students had to problem solve to create a structure that would be strong yet soft enough to protect an egg from a fall on the sidewalk. 


As part of a unit about buildings, the pre-kindergarten students worked together to make LEGO buildings. Then, they used their observational skills to draw and color pictures of their buildings using correct shapes and colors.