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STEAM image with the words science technology engineering mathematics

Standard 1

Learners engage in STEM learning experiences that integrate all STEM disciplines with an emphasis on processes and practices associated with STEM.

Standard 2

Professional staff members implement high quality STEM courses and curriculum aligned to recognized standards and organized into interdisciplinary frameworks. 

Standard 3

Professional staff members and leaders participate in an ongoing system of STEM-specific professional learning. 

Standard 4

Leaders engage a diverse network of community partners and stakeholders in order to support and sustain STEM programs and initiatives. 

Standard 5

Leaders ensure that all stakeholders have ongoing opportunities to access information and learn about STEM implementation. 

Standard 6

Learners engage collaboratively in authentic inquiry during ongoing units of study. 

Standard 7

Learners engage in self-directed STEM learning guided by professional staff members who are effective facilitators of learning. 

Standard 8

Learners benefit from a formal structure of within-school and extracurricular opportunities to extend STEM learning. 

Standard 9

Learners demonstrate their learning through performance-based assessments and have opportunities to develop self-assessment and self-monitoring skills. 

Standard 10

Learners demonstrate STEM literacy outcomes that prepare them for the next level of learning and work.