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The Coosa Chorus has gone virtual this year! You can access our performances below.

Virtual Chorus Information

"Winter Song"
This video shows 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students at Coosa singing “Winter Song.” These students learned the song all on their own by listening to recordings from Ms. Young, then recorded their individual videos either at home or in the music room. Virtual chorus technology enabled them to appear as though they are singing at the same time, even though they all recorded their videos at different times! The song “Winter Song” is about keeping love alive, even in the dead of winter. We hope that, as winter nears its end, you view this performance as a celebration of the season and a warm welcome to the upcoming spring! 

"Lean on Me"

4th and 5th grade students recently recorded themselves singing “Lean on Me,” then submitted their videos to Ms. Young to create this first virtual chorus project.

Holiday Caroling
Ms. Young and many of our students created a short caroling video message.