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Education: Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Master of Arts Degree in Education Gifted and Talented Endorsement Profile: I am in my 21 year of teaching in Beaufort County, and this is my 5th year at Coosa Elementary School. While I have worked with 4th through 7th graders, 4th grade has provided me with such a rewarding experience. This is the age when children truly must take ownership of their learning by utalizing the 7 Habits to achieve, lead, and succeed. Students will explore and master higher level academic standards this year, and I enjoy watching them as they grow and learn these more difficult concepts and reach success. I look forward to each school-year and am always excited about the learning posibilities. On a more personal note, I am the proud mother of two wonderful children, a 32 year-old daughter and a 27 year old-son. Both have brought me such joy ... and some challenges ... in life. Each now has a family of their own. My daughter brovided my most cherished blessing, a beautiful 8 year-old granddauhter who lights up all of our lives. Most of my family, including my father and all my sisters (3 who are educators) live in Beaufort, too. Having a close family makes for a happy life and an abundance of support and love. Having family near and the best job in the universe makes my life very fulfilling.