ST 1.4

ST1.4 Students use technology resources to conduct research, demonstrate creative and critical thinking, and communicate and work collaboratively.


The class read The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever, then they built and decorated their own Christmas trees. The students analyzed pictures of real Christmas trees and determined that Christmas trees are shaped like a triangle. The students also noticed that Christmas trees have a wide bottom and become narrow at the top. Then, students constructed their own Christmas trees using small plastic cups, pom-poms, and their knowledge about Christmas tree shapes. 


The class read Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf and then discussed the changing of the seasons. The students were challenged with planning and building a free standing Fall tree.


The class studied lights and shadows. Then, they investigated different objects with a flashlight to determine if the objects were transparent, translucent, or opaque. 


The second graders were given a paper plate and clay to demonstrate what they had learned about geographical landforms in their geography unit. The students could work with other students on this project. 

The second grade students learned about and researched Native American tribes from each region of the United States. They were challenged to use their research and select a Native American tribe and create a scene that would depict what it would have looked like in history. Then, the students created a monologue through a green screen program and became the Native American living in their design. 



The fourth grade students were required to build a glowing insect using the WEDO 2.0 LEGO Program. After construction was complete, the students were able to name their insect. 

The second grade students created a new type of animal using the website After the students created and printed their new type of animal, then they recreated the animals using LEGOs.