Standard 9

School/program provides within-school and extra-curricular opportunities for students to extend STEM learning.
Concept 1 - School/program provides a variety of STEM-specific extracurricular and extended day opportunities for all learners (clubs, competitions, summer camps).
Concept 2 - Students have multiple formal, age-appropriate opportunities to engage with STEM practitioners, community experts, and/or other STEM partners.

The students learned about what it takes to become a pilot. Victoria Hendrick, a pilot for American Airlines, talked to the students about how her job involves math, science, and technology. 
Pilot STEM

Congratulations to our amazing Robotic members that participated in the Storm the Citadel Mystery Robotics Competition in Charleston on February 8, 2020. They won a first place trophy, two second place trophies, and an honorable mention trophy. Our many hours working afterschool truly helped push us over the edge! Thank you to our fabulous student leaders for representing Coosa Elementary School!
Mentors: Marquilla Cohen, Pamela Kinsey, and our fabulous parent mentor, Mrs. Kessler.
Robotics Club