Standard 12

School/program provides high quality STEM courses and curriculum aligned to recognized standards and organized into interdisciplinary frameworks.
Concept 1 - The STEM curriculum is mapped and aligned to formally adopted and recognized sets of standards and/or benchmarks.
Concept 2 - The STEM curriculum is organized around multiple real world, interdisciplinary problem- and/or project-based units of study.

The class read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom as part of their Tree Unit. A STEM activity was set-up to incorporate literacy and math. The students answered these questions: How many letters can you balance on your tree? Can you identify the letters you pick out to put on your tree? 

After learning about the three different types of communities: urban, suburban, and rural, the second graders chose which community to create. They worked together with their teammates by making a plan, used found objects in the room to build their community, and then constructed each community to share and compare with other classes. This activity was used as an assessment to gauge what they learned from instruction and individual research. 
Community STEM

The fourth grade students linked social studies and music learning by creating a music video about the American Revolution. Students sang, acted, and created their own props for the music video. The students made the props using craft supplies and items they brought from home. The finished props included the Mayflower, colonists' houses, the harbor where the Boston Tea Party took place, and signs protesting, "Taxation Without Representation!"