Standard 11

STEM learning experiences integrate all STEM disciplines with an emphasis on processes and practices associated with STEM.
Concept 1 - The curriculum and associated learning activities integrate learning across all STEM disciplines (and additional content disciplines in schools that have adopted other inclusive models of integrated learning, such as The Arts for STEAM schools). 
Concept 2 - The curriculum engages students in STEM processes and practices (such as the Engineering Design Process).

The first graders were shown four different sized jars containing candy corn. The students were told that one jar contained exactly 100 pieces of candy corn. The students were asked to estimate the amount of candy corn pieces in all four jars. After the amounts were revealed for each jar, they had an engaging discussion using questions that promote STEM exploration from the Boston Children's Museum. There were 14 students who correctly analyzed and determined the jar with 100 pieces of candy corn.
Candy Corn STEM

Santa's sleigh broke down and he only had one more island to deliver presents to -- oh no! The third grade students were challenged to create a catapult to help Santa deliver his remaining gifts. The supplies they had were ten Popsicle sticks, a handful of rubber bands, a spoon, and a present.