ST 1.11

ST1.11 Students are supported in their STEM learning through adult-world connections and extended day opportunities.


The class created Native American villages as part of their study of South Carolina history. They used what they learned about the South Carolina Native American tribes to recreate a habitat. 


The fourth grade students linked social students and music learning by creating a music video about the American Revolution. Students sang, acted, and created their own props for the music video. The students made the props using craft supplies and items they brought from home. The finished props included the Mayflower, colonists' houses, the harbor where the Boston Tea Party took place, and signs protesting, "Taxation Without Representation!" 

The first grade students participated in the 2019 Hour of Code by using one of the following coding programs: Moana Wayfinder, Mindcraft Hour of Code, or Scratch. Students used the block method of coding to move a character or object on the screen.