ST 1.7

ST1.7 STEM educators collaborate as an interdisciplinary team to plan, implement, and improve integrated STEM learning experiences.


The first grade teachers worked together to create a gingerbread house challenge. The first grade students were challenged to create a gingerbread house of their design without using a milk carton as their base. The students were given graham crackers and a bag of icing to create a house that would stand. They also had to roll a pair of dice to determine the number of each decoration (gummy bears, candy canes, etc.) they could use on their house. Each decorations were recorded on a graph to analyze. 


The third grade students from all classes came together to solve a "break out" challenge their teachers created. The challenge meant the students had to "break out" of the Ice Castle before Jack Frost froze them inside! The students had to work together to read, analyze, and solve the clues. The students worked in small groups to read about various holidays around the world and had to communicate with each other in order to "crack the code" and move on to the next clue. Students were given 45 minutes to use their critical thinking and teamwork skills.