ST 1.6

ST1.6 The interdisciplinary problem-based curriculum includes a focus on real world applications.


After several weeks of reading fiction and nonfiction books about apples in the ELA block, the students created an orchard of red and green apples. The students had the challenge of creating a tool or device that would be able to pick the apples from the apple tree without using their hands. The students were given paper and tape to create their apple picking device. Each student was given two attempts to pick an apple. After the first attempt, the students had to rethink and revise their device based on the data they collected. They were challenged to see if they could pick two apples on the second attempt.

The students created small landforms (miniature sandcastles). Then, they observed what happened as water was dripped on the landform. Lastly, students drew and wrote about their discoveries. 


The second grade students were shown the picture below and asked to use their inquiry skills to identify the problem. Then, they designed and created a way for Lego minifigures to safely cross the creek infested with alligators.

The fifth grade students observed a variety of leaves. Then, they discussed the cycle of the of the leaves and the purpose of the veins. After, they placed the leaves on the table with the vein side up, covered the leaves with paper, and rubbed over the leaves to create their artwork.